электрический ланч бокс с подогревом

электрический ланч бокс с подогревом
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Ланч-бокс VILEAD из нержавеющей стали.
Объем: 800 мл, 1000 мл, 1300 мл
Экологичный, герметичный, термоизоляция

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Название бренда: Vilead
Происхождение: Китай
Описание: Экологичный
Описание: Герметичный
Описание: Термоизоляция
Форма: Круглый
Color: Green Handle, Stainless Handle
Capacity: 800ml, 1000ml, 1300ml
Feture: Thermal Insulation
Function: Keep Warm
Shape: Apple Shaped
Usage 1: for Kids, Children, Students,Boys,Girls
Usage 2: Woman, Mom,Mother
Usage 3: Man, Dad, Father

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Grazie mille ho ricevuto mio ordine è arrivato con piccolo difetto.

27 11 2020 07:37

Grazie mille ho ricevuto mio ordine e arrivato con ub piccolo difetto.

27 11 2020 07:41


Не герметичен, держит тепло такоесебе. Нашел решение сверху можно натянуть пакет - тогда более-менее держит тепло и не протекает. Еще соскакивает крышка если чуть сильнее затянуть.

10 11 2020 05:42


Fast delivery. It's beautiful and strong. It's just as described. It's not airtight though, so it leaks a little if it not kept upright. I would like it better if it had a silicon seal to make it airtight. I recommended.

21 10 2020 23:29


it was too small, took a long time to receive.

29 07 2020 19:49 Seller’s Reply I'm really sorry.Our service did not satisfy you. 1.The specifications of the lunch box are clearly written in the introduction. I hope you can read it carefully when you buy it. Do not buy the wrong specifications. 2.The impact of the new crown virus is very serious now, and the logistics will be delayed. Thank you for your understanding

29 07 2020 19:49

great...but too small.

31 07 2020 10:13


09 08 2020 11:00

Jolie mais très petite

11 08 2020 01:24

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