портативный монитор для ps4

портативный монитор для ps4
Рейтинг: Рейтинг: 5.05.0
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Диагональ экрана: 15.6
Разрешение: 1920x1080
Коэффициент контрастности: 800:1
Время отклика BtW: 2 мс

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Бренд: feed me
Разрешение: 1920x1080
Соотношение сторон дисплея: 16:9
Диагональ экрана: 15.6
Особенности: Динамик
Особенности: Сенсорный экран
Особенности: Порт USB
Тип панели: IPS
Применение: Ноутбук
Начало производства: 2017
Номер модели: touch screen monitor
Горизонтальный угол обзора: 178 °
Время отклика BtW: 2 мс
Яркость: 250cd/м
Коэффициент контрастности: 800: 1
Шаг пикселя: 0.12445 мм
Тип экрана: Широкоэкранный
Тип интерфейса: HDMI
Вертикальный угол обзора: 178 °
Состояние продукта: На складеВремя отклика: 30 мсВстроенный динамик: Да
Type: HDMI monitor
Screen: touch screen
Panel Type: 15.6" (16:9 Wide) LED
Contrast Ratio: 800:1 (Typical)
Brightness: 250(cd/m2)
Response Time: 30(ms) (Typical)
Vertical Frequency: 60Hz
Connectivity: Head Phone
Portcomputer monitor: 4k monitor
hdmi portable monitor: hdmi display
Battery: with battery

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Overall quality, picture and brightness are good, perfect for my Gpdwin2 and galaxy note 8 dex mode. however, the 12v charger is Chinese plug and manual entirely in Chinese. The screen does not seem to accept power delivery and some light leaks on the black image edges. I am very satisfied for the price

16 11 2019 09:41

портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4


super fast. delivered in 1 week only. monitor as described. used it for around 4 hours on full battery and it was charging my Samsung note 9. i used type c to type c cable supplied with the monitor to connect my note9 to the monitor to use it as big tablet. and micro usb port on the monitor can be used to connect external hard drive or any other usb device by using OTG adapter on the monitor like the picture where i connect wireless mouse and keyboard and it was working properly.

12 07 2019 21:56

портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4


Highly recommended seller and product, Careful, this screen exist in two versions (with battery & without) take the one with battery it can works stand-alone..

27 06 2019 05:54

портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4


EXCELLENT MOTOR. Clear screen. Touch function works good. Seller tested item before sending, that is good. Seller send you video show how to connect items, easy to do. BATTERY WORKS good, so no need to plug in all the time. POWER SAVING MODE automatically to save battery if you dont use for a while. See pictures. highly recommended this seller and this product. I will buy another one later.

08 10 2019 06:45

портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4


Fast delivery. Package looks very nice and high quality. The speaker is not loud but acceptable.

09 08 2019 05:09

портативный монитор для ps4


super merci très satisfait fonctionne parfaitement .

15 08 2019 16:39

портативный монитор для ps4


คุณภาพดี แต่ส่งช้านิดนึง

14 08 2019 22:05

портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4 портативный монитор для ps4


Unexpectedly good product

07 10 2019 16:55

портативный монитор для ps4


Great display & good support.

30 07 2019 00:14

портативный монитор для ps4


Very good communication. Im satisfied with their support.

22 10 2019 22:04


품질은 좋습니다 다만 부속 악세서리의 편의성이 부족합니다. 좀더 소비자를 위한 편리성을 보강했으면 좋겠습니다 배송은 역시나 늦어요..

17 06 2019 18:44

밧데리가의미가없고 선들이 두꺼워서 핸들링이 어려움


Отличный монитор, довольно яркий и картинка четкая. Много настроек в меню, можно подобрать под себя яркость, контраст, цветовую температуру, резкость и кучу всего другого. Рекомендую

08 11 2019 04:54


Excellent seller !!! He helps me with the return of my article. He found a quick fix to solve the problem. I recommend this seller !!

29 08 2019 02:23


터치도 잘 되고 일단 메뉴가 한국거와 느낌이 달라서 햇갈림 입력도 조금 생각보다 틀리긴 한데 전체적으로 휴대흐고 다니면서 쓰기엔 아주 좋은거 같음

14 06 2019 10:11


Very fast delivery to UK. Perfect item exactly as described

05 07 2019 05:47


Only charges with it's own charger, can't use powerbank or any other charger. Can be powered from a normal cable, but does not charge with that (so can't use DeX for example, only with it's own charger). The colors and picture quality is good, but comes horribly calibrated, you have to tune it after the first use. When in DeX mode if you plug in or out the charger it will shut down for a moment thus exiting DeX on the phone. Touch works well. Battery life is not very long, about 2-2.5h (with Samsung S8). Touch is excellent, but sometimes only recognized after reconnecting once. Arrived without charger, but seller sent one in place.

30 07 2019 03:52


The screen is very good, 1080p. Very bright and vibrant. The seller responds to all the messages very quickly. Seller and screen both are recommended.

18 07 2019 02:38


working as describe.. touch is working.. built in battery work about 4hr.. only thing is when ever connected.. the brightness goes back to original(75%) have to readjust every time when using it.. no battery(%) indication..

15 06 2019 06:11


Display works ok. Touch works also. Thanks, Seller!

26 06 2019 02:28


Excellent seller, with a excellent product. Everything work as described.

06 09 2019 08:22


отличное качество , спасибо продавцу, пришло за 3 недели

21 08 2019 07:55


Good working product. Good customer service - Screen came broken, however seller is agreedable to return and replace another one.

22 07 2019 02:20


The seller on communication, helps, tells. In the parcel put stickers ,very nice

13 08 2019 09:58


продавец плохо упаковывает товар.

08 11 2019 07:09

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