портативный дисплей монитор

портативный дисплей монитор
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Размер экрана: 15,6 дюйма
Размер: 355 х 233 х 9,5 мм
Соотношение сторон: 16:9
Разрешение экрана: 1920 х 1080 пикселей
Яркость экрана: 350 кд/м²
Контрастность экрана: 800:1
Угол обзора: H-178 градусов, V-178 градусов
Видеовход: HDMI, USB C
Порт питания: USB C
Интерфейс: наушники, dual type-C, dual USB, mini HDMI порт, встроенный динамик

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Разрешение: 1920x1080
Соотношение сторон дисплея: 16:9
Диагональ экрана: 15.6
Тип панели: IPS
Применение: Ноутбук
Номер модели: 15.6-type-c-1080p
Горизонтальный угол обзора: 178 °
Время отклика BtW: 5 ms
Яркость: 350cd/м
Коэффициент контрастности: 800: 1
Тип экрана: Широкоэкранный
Тип интерфейса: HDMI
Вертикальный угол обзора: 80 °
Состояние продукта: На складе
Время отклика: 5 мс
Встроенный динамик: Да

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Excellent monitor, I connected it without any problem with B C type (display & power) and HDMI, great resolution, it comes with all needed cables, the sound is fine but if you want more quality, you can always connect an external sound or speaker through 3.5mm aux output

14 11 2019 21:48

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


The picture qualityis quite delicate and colour is full, very thin and very portable. The screen is basically the same as each 15.6-inch laptop! The holster can be used as a stand, and it is a protective cover that is as portable as a laptop.

18 10 2019 00:17

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


A smallish, but still very functional monitor. I bought it for both CCTV system installation, and for making a travelling DeX dock for my Galaxy Note 9. I bought the 15.6" version.The Note 9 with bluetooth keyboard and mouse simply plugs in with a B C to C cable into the top socket on the monitor and you get a very good crisp clear display, booting straight into DeX with no additional hardware. My Samsung charger even charges the phone at the same time, albeit rather slowly.

09 09 2019 08:07

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


배송 빠르네요 10월 27일 주문. 11월 8일 도착

08 11 2019 03:37

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


Prompt delivery and great quality product for its price. Highly recommended!

06 11 2019 19:03

портативный дисплей монитор


The connection is simple, the effect is good, the screen color is also very good, it is worth buying.

18 10 2019 00:19

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


Everything works.

18 10 2019 00:25

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


Great monitor.

18 10 2019 00:39

портативный дисплей монитор


экран на 4-ку. матрица TN, углы обзора средние. цветопередача средняя. звук нормальный. размер и вес - отличные. продавец отправил заказ через 2 недели, это очень большой минус.

06 11 2019 23:59

портативный дисплей монитор портативный дисплей монитор


fast delivery, sadly had to play import tax so was more then I thought. overall it's a very good portable screen (thin) for the price. but if you are into bright colours then go for something els. this screen has a gray/dull colour and pictures don't look as good on it. but it's good for working on.

09 11 2019 06:56


looks exactly as pictured and described thank you. everything works as it should do and I am very pleased. really recommended. not to mention it came earlier than expected time frame. please buy from this seller :-)

11 11 2019 05:14


Everything is fine. The monitor shows that the colors are excellent-its money works for 100%

18 10 2019 00:44


Monitor that comes with it's leather case , so I could carry it in my leather case without scratching the screen. The speakers louder than my laptop speaker. Would like it better if it could get brighter.

18 09 2019 02:44


Picture of good quality, bright, color saturated.The monitor is satisfied, i recommend.

18 10 2019 00:27


Great monitor! The seller very high quality packed the monitor wrapped in 7 layers of pouches. The monitor fully corresponds to all characteristics. I use it as the 2nd monitor to the main one for watching football and video in youtube.

18 10 2019 00:22


not usb type c, micro usb

09 11 2019 12:50

портативный дисплей монитор


Very good quality device. the screen is crisp and bright. the case is okay.

18 10 2019 01:26


Good price, good seller. Thanks !!!

18 10 2019 00:40


Good device I reccomend it

30 10 2019 08:54


nice seller.

18 10 2019 00:52


Nice portable screen. Good quality. I got the screen rather fast. Only downside are the speakers.

12 11 2019 08:04


18 10 2019 01:55

The screen displays an image of very good quality, and the whole is well finished. With the cables provided, immediate connection as well with my Samsung Note 9 smartphone.


31 10 2019 05:32


18 10 2019 02:13


18 10 2019 02:00


31 10 2019 05:57


31 10 2019 05:52

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