необычные плюшевые игрушки

необычные плюшевые игрушки
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Название бренда: TAKARA TOMY.
Материал: Плюш.
Наполнитель: ПП хлопок.
Возрастной диапазон: > 3 лет.

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Название бренда: TAKARA TOMY
Происхождение: Китай
Тема: Теле- и киногерой
Материал: Плюш
Возрастной диапазон: > 3 лет
Форма: Скульптура
Тип: Модификация своими руками
Характеристики: Мягкие и плюшевые
Пол: Унисекс
Предупреждение: no
Тип товара: Animals
Номер модели: 5469
Наполнитель: ПП хлопок
color: Sherb
color1: Zucker
color2: Blathers
color3: Roald
color4: Rosie
color5: Lucky

Отзывы о необычные плюшевые игрушки:


Пришёл за 15 дней. Качество отличное, очень милый Шерб. В подарок положили amiibo с Коко. Буду заказывать ещё!

12 11 2020 06:01


случайно начал по ошибке быковать на продавца, прости меня игрушка очень клёвая, в подарок положили амибо карту доставка быстрая, доставили в пятёрочку в 5post

10 07 2020 01:58

Seller’s Reply Welcome to buy again

10 07 2020 01:58


Спасибо очень качественный товар и спасибо за подарок

26 09 2020 06:12


Прекрасное качество. Очень милые. В подарок были 2 amiibo cards

04 08 2020 09:38

Seller’s Reply Welcome to buy again

04 08 2020 09:38


trop mignon et tout doux j'adore

26 11 2020 06:30


Вложили карточку ещё

02 09 2020 02:45


The shipping was very fast, only took 2 weeks to arrive! The plush is much bigger than I expected, but I am not complaining. It’s made from a very soft material and it even came with a free amiibo card! Overall good quality , really happy with my purchase! I love my new Zucker plush! Thank you very much! :)

08 09 2020 05:04


I LOVE HIM, its way more bigger than the other 4 I bought but im happy about that. he's soft and stuffed perfectly. I just really love this plushie!! seller was also kind enough to add 4 free amiibo cards. thank you so very much.

27 08 2020 14:08


Incredibly soft and squishy! Just as advertised. He’s around 30 cm tall. I already love him to bits!

20 08 2020 10:18


ravie de mon achat ! je suis contente, conforme à la description, doux et livraison rapide ! je recommande

24 11 2020 08:38


Omg just SO RFECT! I waited just two weeks for the delivery and the plush is.. ADORABLE And I have an amiibo card for free! I just recommend it with closed eyes! Awesome work

28 07 2020 02:57

Seller’s Reply Welcome to buy again

28 07 2020 02:57


Very happy with this purchase 5 stars. Was very surprised to see Animal Crossing cards included, wasn't expecting them, very nice surprise. Recommended and excellent seller if you are looking for Animal Crossing plush collectables.

09 09 2020 08:54


Looks amazing, really good quality for the price. Stitches and Celeste are small and cute and then Zucker is a big bigger than them and has a big round head which I love!! 10 out of 10 would recommend and buy again :)

24 08 2020 23:07


Me tardo bastante en aparecer seguimiento del pedido, pero finalmente llegó. Es muy bonito y suavecito. Te incluye una tarjeta amiibo que funciona perfectamente con la consola. Muy recomendable.

14 09 2020 04:47


Muy bien, más caros que en otros sitios pero, a cambio, un envío muy rápido.

11 11 2020 02:44


loved my marshal and sherb! 10/10 and strongly recommend this seller. shipping was also pretty quick:)

05 10 2020 12:21


Wonderful plush! Very good quality and looks exactly like Zucker! The plush is soft yet firm and perfect for hugs! The seller even included an amiibo card as a gift. Thank you so much seller!

25 09 2020 01:20


finally came after 3 weeks and I love him he has a removable shirt so you can dress him differently if you want! he also has toe beans stitches is one of my favorite characters

16 10 2020 17:34


Good size and quality. Came with an extra card compatible with the new animal crossing game. My kids will love these. This is my second time ordering from them and i am considering getting even more. Shipping took a while but it is worth it.

23 10 2020 20:40


fast shipping! just like the picture and super soft! thank you! and thank you for the chrissy amiibo!

26 08 2020 15:58


He’s so cute!! Thank you for the 03ina Amiibo card too! Great seller!

18 09 2020 09:51


So soft and very cute!!! Love it!

03 09 2020 03:21


Excelente calidad además nos regalaron unos amiibo súper recomendado y llego rapidísimo

12 08 2020 11:41

Seller’s Reply Welcome to buy again

12 08 2020 11:41


Super bonne qualité ! très surprise car je le voyais plus petit mais ça me gêne pas si il doit plus grand . reçu avec une carte amiibo offerte et 03ina en plus ! pas déçue je recommande

19 08 2020 01:53


Amazing little plushie! It even came with an amiibo card! Definitely would recommend!

11 11 2020 12:05


Added a picture of all my bought plushies! Seller added some amiibo cards. Sadly I already had most of them. But will definitely buy again!!

28 08 2020 14:09


Качество отличное, но сам осьминог Цукер не бежевый, а ярко желтый) но все равно крутой

27 09 2020 06:02


i love it soooo much thank you for the little gift. i will buy again :)

26 08 2020 12:09


its pretty cute for a aliexpress plushy it also comes with a hard plastic amiibo card. the shipping was also pretty quick. overall good buy

23 07 2020 14:43

Seller’s Reply Welcome to buy again

23 07 2020 14:43

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