longer orange 10

longer orange 10
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Технология печати: Стереолитография
Толщина слоя: 0,01-0,1 мм
Разрешение ЖК-дисплея: 854x480
Скорость печати: до 30 мм/ч
Материалы: жесткая смола, литая смола, стоматологическая смола и т.д.
Размер печати: 98*55*140 мм

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Бренд: Longer
Номер модели: Orange 10
Сертификация CE: Да
Fliament: Regid resin,Castable resin,Dental resin,etc.
Эл. напряжение: 110-220 V
Скорость печати: 20-30mm/h
Ломтик программного обеспечения: LONGER(Self-R&D)
Питание: 12V/DC, 5A
Тип интерфейса: SD
Скорость Цветной Печати: up to 30mm/h
Максимальная рабочая скорость: 30mm/h
Максимальный размер печати: 98*55*140 mm
Точность: 0.1mm
Операционная система: Windows 7/8/10, 64 bit, MAC OS
Толщина нарезки: 0.01-0.1 mm
Язык: English/Chinese
Формат файла: STL,ZIP,LGS
Технология инжекционного метода литья: LCD
Автоматическое выравнивание: Нет
Printing Technology: LCD/SLA
LCD Resolution: 854*480 pixel, 115μm
Z-axis Resolution: 0.625um
Printing Speed: up to 30 mm/h
Light Source: UV LED 405nm
Connectivity: TF card
File Types: STL,ZIP,LGS
Touchscreen: 2.8 inch color touch screen
Power Requirement: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Working Power: 41W
Relative Humidity: 30%-60%
Net Weight: 5.4 kg
Gross Weight: 7.0 kg

Отзывы о longer orange 10:


Зказаз пришел за неделю. Отличная упаковка. Комплектация полная. Качеством печати очень доволен.

26 10 2019 16:58


Дошло почтой России, доставил курьер на дом. Это первый раз за три года покупок на АЛИ. Коробка немного помята, но внутри все надежно упаковано и закреплено. С виду все целое. В работе еще не проверял. Надеюсь все будет работать.Инструкция краткая на английском языке. Программа, наверное, на флешке, еще не проверял.

17 09 2019 09:53


Super solide d’apparence ! Tout en métal belle finition ! Y a plus qu’à !!!! Envoie très rapide 4jours très satisfait!!!

16 11 2019 04:34


Принтер пришёл! Всё работает как часы! в комплекте не было смолы, но продавец сразу же после вопроса выслал с московского склада! Очень доволен! Спасибо!

11 10 2019 21:17


Super easy to set up! Very happy with product.

12 11 2019 01:18

longer orange 10


wow! Qualità ottima, venditore gentilissimo e disponibilissimo. Pacco ricevuto in 5 giorni dall'ordine.Tutto consigliato, grazie

07 09 2019 12:09

longer orange 10


Great product for the price... for kicks I decided to print a tiny statue of Ares. You can see the scale and level of detail... impressive! New to resin printing and tech support responded immediately and answered my questions.

23 08 2019 12:15

longer orange 10


everything was just as described. product works amazingly. very highly recommended for anyone looking for a 3d printer.

18 07 2019 05:23

longer orange 10


Принтер стоит своих денег. Продавец не положил смолу, но очень оперативно выслал её следом.

12 11 2019 04:19


Tested the order, everything seems fine. It was shipped on time. The only problem is the delivery company, DHL. And this is once the package arrived in my city, Toronto. They are notorious of bullying people into going to their warehouse to pick items up. DHL lied 2 times about attempting the delivery at my place. Both times I was at home the whole delivery window, no one buzzed and there was no slip at the door. They did not even try - guaranteed, they always lie like that and then bully you into going to pick the package in their warehouse. You should change your delivery service!!! DHL is rotten!

14 08 2019 18:40

Just to clarify, happy with the printer and Longer3D :) Print quality is quite amazing! LongerWare slicer is doing a really good job on my digital sculptures. Very easy to handle, and has good balance of options for customization of print supports (scaffolding) and print settings!

29 08 2019 21:08

longer orange 10 longer orange 10 longer orange 10


Amazing printer! Fine printed details. Great service. Quick and precise online support. I highly recommend this seller.

29 10 2019 03:33


The printer is excelent, and the shipping was just 5 days, a lot les than expected

03 09 2019 14:55 AliExpress Shopper

Good quality for the price point, works well with factory resin, and only about 2h for small parts. With 10s exposure and 12s rest on factory resin... I found outer object dimensions matched STL model in the XY plane within +0.35mm, and -0.6mm along Z-axis over a 2cm build height. However, smaller features like M3/M6 inner holes in a part will see slicer scaling issues around 0.4mm to 0.6mm smaller than expected, and one can expect the sticky resin leaves around a 0.1mm to 0.2mm thick film even after solvent washing and UV curing. The objects under magnification do show 25um layers, and some jagged vertical lines where the LCD pixel resolution limit is visible. The kit should include a UV curing chamber as the parts will remain sticky after the alcohol baths, and a resin MSDS printout for safer handling. Very happy with the performance so far... great work Longer3D. =)

28 08 2019 21:19

Two related updates for running LongerWare official slicer on Win7 and linux... in that it will run on Linux/Ubuntu systems using Wine 4.2.1 Windows 7 environment created by the Playonlinux wizard. Some people see Longerware crashes on older Windows OS 7, and it must be set to run under "Administrative Privileges" or will crash every-time after first installed and run. And some advice, Longer3D should avoid risking thier brand with CBOX as it makes unauthorized https connections to (alibaba) even with updates and telemetry turned Off. =3

08 12 2019 23:39


Easy setup and first print was successful. Impressed so far.

23 07 2019 20:13


Had problem at the custom but with the help of the seller we meneged to solve it quickly and painless. Very satisfied

03 08 2019 22:10


Very fast delivery to France (about 6 days), very best quality/price I appreciate. My best choice ever for this type of 3D printer Congratulations :)

14 09 2019 08:28


מוכר מדהים.. המשלוח הגיע שבועיים ליפני התאריך המשוער

03 10 2019 06:11 AliExpress Shopper

In Kürze, sehr schönes Cover Ich werde die Grundlagen sagen, ich denke, es sollte jedem passen. Ich mag es, fünf Sterne, ich empfehle es!

04 10 2019 01:40 AliExpress Shopper

Fast shipment and all was well packed.I happy,Great seller

02 10 2019 00:50

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